First consultation process

First consultation process

If you are a patient visiting our hospital for the first time, please check the following information before coming to our hospital to ensure a smooth initial consultation.

※You can pay by credit card for both insurance treatment and self-pay treatment.

Please make a reservation first.

If you have any concerns about your teeth or the alignment of your teeth, please feel free to contact us even if it is a small issue. We strive to provide detailed and easy-to-understand explanations, so please do not worry about it on your own and make a reservation first. We accept reservations online or by phone.

Click here for 24-hour online reservation

When you arrive at the hospital, you will be asked to present your insurance card at the reception desk.

Please fill out a medical questionnaire in the waiting room. The dentist or dental hygienist will check the questionnaire and interview the patient, so please fill in as much detail as possible. (Please arrive 10 minutes before your reservation time to create your medical record.)

We will conduct a medical examination based on the medical questionnaire you have filled out. Please feel free to talk to us about any concerns you may have or your desired treatment method.

We will conduct various inspections. The examination includes X-rays, intraoral photographs, and other tests that are necessary depending on the patient’s oral condition.
We will start treatment. We will provide the most appropriate treatment based on your medical history and test results. Of course, if the patient has any wishes regarding the treatment method, we will proceed with the treatment accordingly. (Depending on your request, we may not be able to meet your request.)
Once your treatment is complete, please pay the bill and, if you have a next treatment, please make a reservation for the next date at the reception.

*Payment by credit card is possible for both insurance treatment and self-pay treatment.

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